Food Review : Longhorn Steakhouse, Quill City KL

Assalam, hello all.

So, yesterday we went to Longhorn Steakhouse at Quill City Mall KL. Took me 30mins to go there because of the traffic jam. Sigh. For those who plan to have a good steak here, maybe my humble review could help you guys, enjoy!


Wild West Shrimp : Rm 17.90. Deep fried butter-ish shrimp with sauteed chilli and red pepper. Rate : 5/10.


Onion Soup RM 16.90. Maybe I dont like onion soup so i rate it 2/10.


Honey buttescoth bun. Fresh and really good and it is free! 9/10

20160113_194307My sister enjoying the food. Free food I mean :p


Flo’s Fillet Steak (Med Well) RM 59.90. Super damn good 9/10. Sides : Mashed Potato 9/10, veges 2/10.


Normal Mac and Cheese  5/10.


Lamb Cutlet with spinach and mashed potato RM 59.90. The gravy is a little bit sweet and the lamb grilled not into perfection. 4/10.



Okay that is my humble review personally from myself. I hope this review could help you guys in choosing the right food here. No harm to try, ciao!

Note : Sorry for the bad quality of pictures! Would snap perfectly for next post. 🙂


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