The Checklist for Euro Trip!

Assalam, hello!

Post ini di dedikasi kan untuk you guys yang planning to go to Europe tapi sebenarnya still boleh pakai check list ni kalau bukan Europe pun, just minus mana yang tak perlu.

First let’s divide into section;

  1. Gadgets/Electrical
  2. Clothes/Others
  3. Meds/toiletries
  4. Food
  5. Safety/Docs



-Phone (+charger), camera (+charger,extra battery, extra memory card), Go pro (+ charger, extra battery, casing, pole), Instax (+ battery, films), power bank, extension wire with USB port, international adapter plug.


-Telekung (+sejadah kecik, wuduk kit), undies, long sleeve tshirt, shirt, pajamas, scarf, inner scarf, socks, jeans, camisole, cardigan, kain batik ( as pelapik for tido, to avoid bed bugs)  sneakers (+insoles), flip flop, shades,  fast dry towel, travel iron


-eye drop, plaster, panadol, gastric pill, ointment oil, Vaseline, toothbrush, Colgate, soap, shower gel, shampoo,Listerine, facial cleanser, pantyliner/pad, lotion, wet and dry tissue, hand sanitizer, make up remover, deodorant, sun block


-Travel cooker, plastik fork and spoon, travel water bottle, tupperware, ziplock bags, ikea small knife, canned/Packet food (Chilli sauce packets, Dominos chilli flakes, Brahims, Chilli Tuna, sambal ikan bilis kering, tomyam adabi etc).


-Passport, IC/ID, driving license, flight tickets, hotel confirmation slip, payung lipat (Kalau hujan), padlock for bags, pen and small notebook, printed map (incase phone habis bateri), pendrive (kalau memory card full kan boleh transfer to pendrive, selamat!)

Ok setakat ni, ini lah yang ada dalam kepala. Akan di update kalau ada pertambahan. Next post would be, useful apps for our Euro Trip.




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