Eurotrip before 30!

Assalam dan hello!

As per planned, we are going to Amsterdam this March! Wehuu excited! First trip kami yang jauh. Selalu kami pergi dekat dekat je macam Bali, Phuket, Krabi, domestic tapi kalini dengan penuh determination in term of kumpul duit (paling susah!) and planning alhamdulillah 80% siap before fly.

Our plan is to go and enjoy Euro countries before we hit 30 years old. Bukan lah tahun depan 30 tu tapi dah dekat lah jugak. This trips covers 5/6 countries – Amsterdam, Belgium, France, Italy, London and Luxembourg atau Germany (tak confirm lagi). Kami akan pergi hujung March which musim bunga a.k.a spring. Even spring season, based on our readings katanya early spring still sejuk so nak tak nak we have to buy proper jacket (not really winter coat tapi still tebal).

So today I would like to share with you guys on the tips before you fly to Euro countries;

  1. Check countries you plan to visit : Open google map and check countries you guys interested to visit. Check the connection between countries. And lepas tu, google lah place of interest for each countries! Senang kan. Google Map dan Google Search.
  2. Flight ticket. Sila lah dan tolong lah rajin to check everyday at your preferred airlines web. Kata experts beli midnight dan odd hours mungkin akan dapat best price. Tapi alhamdulillah, kami beli around 6pm weekday dan dapat harga kurang dari RM2500 return untuk ke Amsterdam – Kuala Lumpur. Kalau tak ada masa, you guys can subscribe Letak je date and details and hari hari skyscanner akan hantar harga untuk anda. senang kan!
  3. Once you guys dah decide on the countries, then you need to check on the mode of transportation. To move from 1 country to 1 country, 1 hot spot to another hot spot. Is it by bus, flight, train, tram etc. Just google best way to go to XXX from XXX. Tripadvisor, Rome2Rio.
  4. Countries checked! Transportation checked! Next is, nak tido kat mana. Well, it depends on your budget. If tight budget you guys can opt for hostel/camp place/airbnb. If budget ok, boleh la stay hotel! Guna,, dan hostelworld. Efektif dan efisen!
  5. Ok kalau semua yang paling penting dah siap, renew your passport! Make sure you guys can fly happily dan yang paling penting, tenang. Please check important docs i.e. passport, flight tickets, your IC/ID, driving license.

Ok 5 points ni adalah point paling penting to construct your plan to visit Europe. Next I will share The Eurotrip Checklist!


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